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USA Defence Strategic Review


The United States periodically conducts strategic reviews of its defense posture and policies. These reviews assess the current global security environment, threats, military capabilities, and national security priorities.

The most recent significant defense strategic review before my last update was the 2018 National Defense Strategy (NDS), which outlined a shift in focus toward great power competition, particularly with China and Russia, compared to the previous emphasis on counterterrorism.

The NDS highlighted the need for the U.S. military to modernize and adapt to emerging threats, emphasizing areas such as cyber warfare, space, artificial intelligence, and other advanced technologies. It also stressed the importance of alliances and partnerships to address global security challenges.

Since then, there might have been updates or revisions to the strategy, given the evolving global landscape and geopolitical developments. However, for the most current and detailed information on the USA Defense Strategic Review, checking official government sources, such as the Department of Defense or the White House, would be the best approach.

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